2022 Annual Impact Statement

Updated February 2023

Key members report for the year ended 31 December 2022

NYCDA Weekly Draw - 2022 Summary of main achievements

As always at the front of our mind is protecting all stakeholders including members, staff, and volunteers, whether that is against Covid or through our social responsibility to responsible gambling. Furthermore, we have a commitment to our beneficiaries and with that in mind, the organisation's focus was to ensure the long-term viability of the NYCDA Weekly Draw, which in turn protected the funds raised for beneficiaries and all the great work they do.

Despite these issues, as part of our annual reporting, we are pleased to report that a total income from the NYCDA Weekly Draw of £1,121,797.00 was generated over the 52 weekly draws that took place during the calendar year of 2022.

From that total, a fantastic £647,286.61 (57.70%) was generated to be used by our beneficiaries and good causes for a range of sport, health and education-based community projects. These projects range from rugby league player development in Leeds and Hull, junior football development in Weston Super Mare and age limited walking cricket in Durham to supporting the awareness campaigns for Melanoma UK in Merseyside, wellbeing programmes in Stockport and the improvement of fan experiences in Walsall.

On top of those funds raised, £96,200 (8.58%) was won by members through the prize fund and £378,310.39 (33.72%) was spent in expenses to ensure all of the NYCDA Weekly Draw could take place and related activities could happen. The weekly prize pot has remained the same, but the board constantly review this. To protect beneficiary donation levels, the board are having to commit more expenses in the way of sales activities. The cost of delivering these activities has risen, as a result of wage pressure, transport costs and the like, but the board is committed to its beneficiaries.

NYCDA continues to ensure its cost base stays steady with funds spent on a variety of activities including staff wages, office rent, travel, direct debit banking portals, promotional resources, social media graphics, insurance, Gambling Commission licences.

For more information on all the NYCDA Weekly Draw, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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