NYCDA Weekly Draw Winners: 14th June 2023

£1000 Prize Winner

RC0141 G Walker  

£100 Prize Winner

LL2500 N Dixon  

£50 Prize Winners

LJ3417 M Taylor  
BB1052 M Adams  

£25 Prize Winners

HB4950 P Fisher  
LJ3909 K Lowcock  

£10 Prize Winners

PC1400 M Hind  
WC4501 Mrs Micklewright  
HK3004 D Thompson  
SB1418 P Nichols  
PE5915 D Salisbury  
LJ6127 T Midwood  
HB2113 G Fox  
MN5283 S Whitefield  
CB1866 W Parkins  
HD3819 J Herbert  

£500 Rollover Draw - £500 This Draw

LA1583 M Hesketh  
£500 Next Draw

Errors and omissions excepted.

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