NYCDA Weekly Draw Winners: 16th June 2021

£1000 Prize Winner

RC3711 Mr M Harris  

£100 Prize Winner

HL5743 L Eastwood  

£50 Prize Winner

NJ3168 Mrs V Hainsworth  

£25 Prize Winner

BF3390 Mrs T Newall  

£10 Prize Winners

NN4936 Mrs S Nixon  
LL1538 D Slater  
NJ3023 D Peterkin  
HB3346 R Furmage  
SC1459 Mr S Collier  
LJ1117 J Ross  
HK4235 Mr R Walton  
HC4930 Mr J Peck  
BK6118 Mrs B Pearson  
OA2605 Mrs A Kearns  

Errors and omissions excepted.

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