NYCDA Weekly Draw Winners: 30th March 2022

£1000 Prize Winner

LM5171 Mrs L Dickinson  

£100 Prize Winner

LP2943 Mrs D Fawbert  

£50 Prize Winners

LL4779 J Allen  
NQ0122 Mr T Redmore  

£25 Prize Winners

OA6605 R Hobbs  
NJ0165 Mr C Chatten  

£10 Prize Winners

RA5497 O Belfield  
WI3137 Mrs H Dunleavy  
HB3379 S Richardson  
CA0688 Mrs. C Stewart  
SC1764 Mrs L Daniels Hill  
HJ4379 L Sawkill  
MN3347 Mr J English  
HM1948 Mrs G Moody  
OA0753 Mr S Jones  
LJ1345 J Foley  

£500 Rollover Draw - £5,000 This Draw

N.2262 No Winner  
£5,500 Next Draw

Errors and omissions excepted.

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