NYCDA Weekly Draw Winners: 20th December 2023

£1000 Prize Winner

WA0085 P Butler  

£100 Prize Winner

HJ1945 The Race Centre  

£50 Prize Winners

BB6530 S Renwick  
NN0220 P Birnie  

£25 Prize Winners

SA6072 J Jackson  
LJ3455 D Kitchen  

£10 Prize Winners

FA2954 J Fleming  
HD2696 J Roberts  
PC5367 L Butler  
HK4513 S Marsden  
BB6382 Shalley  
HB4262 K Horton  
GP0184 M Parker  
NG0043 W Copeland  
BF6181 A Shine  
FA3267 Y Hatfield  

£500 Rollover Draw - £1,500 This Draw

PA5541 B Lisgo  
£500 Next Draw

Errors and omissions excepted.

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