NYCDA Weekly Draw Winners: 13th March 2024

£1000 Prize Winner

CA0306 J Martin  

£100 Prize Winner

PC4328 M Johnson  

£50 Prize Winners

BK2260 J Andrew  
AG4781 G Parkinson  

£25 Prize Winners

NJ1557 T Brown  
LP1574 G Chapman  

£10 Prize Winners

HA4467 J Clement  
HK4527 R Smith  
LN0812 D Taylor  
MN5883 R Cunningham  
KA0784 R Smith  
ND0107 L Finnie  
NN2445 N Scholes  
LK2721 N Stott  
LK6010 R Pickles  
HJ3181 M Roe  

£500 Rollover Draw - £1,000 This Draw

HL4795 N Rathbone  
£500 Next Draw

Errors and omissions excepted.

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