NYCDA Weekly Draw Winners: 10th July 2024

£1000 Prize Winner

RB1749 M Rigby  

£100 Prize Winner

HJ2803 Mr Jennings  

£50 Prize Winners

LL4374 C Howarth  
HM2840 L Goodall  

£25 Prize Winners

WJ2276 S Gristock  
BR5719 M Mccorry  

£10 Prize Winners

HB0482 L Hanson  
HM1072 D Hall  
HJ1512 L Sawkill  
LN2542 Z Brown  
LL3013 R Taylor  
RB2644 M Brett  
HJ3192 I Jeffrey  
HD4277 G Ireland  
HK6385 B Dawson  
FB5586 P Knight  

£500 Rollover Draw - £1,000 This Draw

LM3468 J Logan  
£500 Next Draw

Errors and omissions excepted.

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