£500 Rollover Extra explanation

Every Wednesday the draw takes place using the internal random number generator process that is built into our official lottery management system. Like the National Lottery, the number of potential combinations of winners, far outweighs the number of members playing.

Each week, the prizes are allocated to potential winning numbers by this system until a set of numbers is drawn from a paying member.
The Rollover is drawn slightly different, in that the draw is only done once and not repeated until winning numbers are found. Should the numbers produced not coincide with a paying member... the prize rolls over.

This can only happen up to 20 times allowing the prize pot to reach the advertised maximum £10,000. At this point, the numbers are then drawn until winning numbers are allocated (like the rest of the draw).

In a nutshell, this is all done to add a bit of extra intrigue and spice to proceedings. The focus is to find a way to raise the profile of the draw, increase members and in turn help raise more money for the good causes we all love!

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