Complaints Procedure

If a member of the NYCDA Weekly Draw feels sufficiently aggrieved, we have a process in place to ensure this grievance is recorded, taken seriously, dealt with to the satisfaction of all and the learning from the situation enacted.

  1. In the first instance a call to the NYCDA office, to speak to a member of staff, may be enough to satisfy an issue and this is always our preference. If the member is not satisfied, we will invite the person in question to record their issue via an email to or by writing to us at our Bury Head Office.
  2. On receipt of a complaint via email or letter from a member expressing dissatisfaction with the NYCDA Weekly Draw, a member of staff will acknowledge the correspondance and inform the complainant of the target date for the review. The normal target time for responding to the applicant is 20 working days.
  3. The member of staff will then request a full history of the case from the relevant agents, affiliates and/or members involved. In order to complete the review within the target time, the relevant documents must arrive with the member of staff within 10 working days.
  4. The member of staff will ensure the board is made aware of the complaint by communicating a summary and associated information via email within 24hours of the complaint arriving. A member of the board will assist the member of staff in question if required, with a full record of emails maintained.
  5. Where it is apparent that the response to the complaint will take longer than the target time (for example because of the complexity of the particular case) the member of staff will inform the applicant and explain the reason for the delay.
  6. Dealing with the complaint will consist of an analysis of the evidence and a review of the arguments for and against the complaint. Where it would be helpful to do so, the member of staff will also discuss the case directly with the complainant, as well as take advice from the board.
  7. The complainant will always be informed of the outcome of his or her complaint. The proposed disclosure of information or further information will only be made in full consultation with the board.
  8. Should the complainant not be satisfied with the outcome of the review and wish to pursue the matter then the complainant will be referred to the Independent Betting Adjudication Service (IBAS) as the independent third party.
  9. All stakeholders are informed that their complaints will be take seriously and that any learning from the issues raised will be utilised as part of the organisation's ongoing development.

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